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5 Emerging Trends In Facility Solutions

While 2021 has seen companies rebounding from the pandemic and prioritizing facilities maintenance again, saving money and cutting costs is always top-of-mind for a facilities manager. The focus on “doing more with less” has been a driving force in recent years, and one of the key reasons outsourcing facilities maintenance has become so attractive.

As we continue to watch the evolving industry, here are 5 emerging trends in facility solutions we’re seeing. 

#1 – IoT (Internet of Things) Technology Will Become More Prevalent

Facilities management is well on its way into the 21st century with Internet of Things devices that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor the health of systems, reduce maintenance costs, save on energy costs, and much more. Some IoT technology easily integrates with existing systems, such as HVAC IoT sensors for condition-based maintenance, and smart thermostats (already in place in homes and businesses everywhere!). In other cases, businesses will have to upgrade or replace legacy systems to reap the benefits of IoT.

What we’re seeing is more companies doing in-depth analysis on their facilities systems, costs to upgrade, and capital budgeting to start integrating IoT technology into their facility solutions in the coming years. 

#2 – Occupant Experience Will Improve

COVID-19 forced many in-person businesses to radically change the way they operate. Many of the changes resulted in spaces that were reallocated to be used in safer and more efficient ways. Employee lifestyle amenities, modular and flexible workspaces, and wellness designs that improve mood and productivity are key elements of today’s business remodels. 

Tighter protocols around cleaning and custodial services have also created a more pleasant environment for employees and customers alike. Even as we begin to put the pandemic behind us, we expect to see many of these changes become permanent and occupant experience will improve long-term. 

#3 – Outsourcing Facility Solutions Will Continue To Be Attractive

Not surprisingly, facilities managers and staff can be more productive and more efficient when they’re not bogged down with managing multiple vendors, scheduling service, ordering supplies, negotiating rates, and paying invoices! 

When considering outsourcing, companies must analyze their internal staffs’ expertise and skills, facilities management processes, and current costs. If a comprehensive facility solutions company can match or exceed what you can do in-house – for less money – the decision is easy. 

According to research by McKinsey & Company, “the global market for in-house and outsourced facilities management is estimated to reach $1.9 trillion by 2024. The outsourced segment accounts for more than half the total.” This tells us that more and more companies are realizing the benefits of outsourcing facilities management and embracing this growing trend. 

#4 – Capital Budgets May Be Affected

Maintenance and operational costs can only be deferred or reduced to some degree, so a lot of executives look to the capital budget when it comes to saving money. Where a lot of companies have experienced growth over the last year, many are still struggling with the pandemic and uncertain of what the future holds. If a company had HVAC replacement in their 2021-2022 capital budget, they may choose to put it off for another year, even though they know that maintenance, repair, and utility costs may be higher during the end of the system’s lifespan.

#5 – Data-Driven Decisions Will Trump Assumptions

In line with increasing efficiencies and saving money, decisions about maintenance, changes to operations, and capital budget planning will be data-driven and not based on assumptions. For example, if an HVAC system’s average lifespan is 10 years, it doesn’t mean it should automatically be replaced on year 11. Likewise, if an 8-year-old system is costing an arm and a leg in repair costs, the data may show that it would be more cost-effective to replace it early rather than wait 3 more years. 

Facilities managers are now being asked to provide data to support these decisions. And a big part of this is having a CMMS solution that makes it easy to track, export, and analyze data about a company’s maintenance operations. Or, having a facility management company that can provide this data for you! 

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