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12 Facility Maintenance Tasks To Prepare For Fall

As the temperature drops, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your commercial facility for fall. While building maintenance is a non-stop chore, neglect can quickly lead to costly repairs — especially in the cooler months when you’re spending less time on exterior maintenance. Here’s a checklist of tasks to get your facility – inside and out – ready for fall. 

#1 – Schedule An HVAC Tuneup

As part of your fall seasonal tuneup, your technician will change air filters, clean and inspect heating components, and calibrate your thermostat. You should also make sure they winterize the cooling components of your system by clearing the drain lines to avoid mold growth, cleaning the coils, and replenishing refrigerant to prepare the system to sit idle for several months. This is also a good time of year to have your ducts cleaned to ensure they’re free of mold, pollen, dust, and other pollutants that can diminish indoor air quality.

#2 – Pressure Wash Exterior

You’re not going to be pressure washing when the snow is falling. If your sidewalks, parking lot, and building exteriors are looking grimy, fall is a great time to have them professionally pressure washed. 

#3 – Clean Windows

If you don’t have a regular window cleaning service in place, fall and spring are the best seasons to tackle this task. 

#4 – Winterize Irrigation System

If the grass around your facility goes dormant in the winter, it’s important to winterize your irrigation system so that pipes don’t freeze. For climates with year-round landscaping, you may still need to adjust your watering schedule for shorter days and cooler temps. 

#5 – Prepare For Snow Removal

For businesses with snow removal contracts, prepare your parking lot and walkways before the first snow or ice storm. Mark streets, entryways, and parking lots with stakes so that polws can navigate. If there are any cracks in your parking lot or walkways, have them filled so that freezing water doesn’t find its way in and cause more damage. 

#6 – Schedule A Plumbing Inspection

Problems from leaks, clogs, low water pressure, and exposed pipes can be exacerbated in cold weather. Have a plumbing inspection before the first freeze to make sure everything is in good shape. 

#7 – Schedule Landscape Services

You may already have a regular landscape maintenance schedule in place, but you might need to add service for leaf cleanup and turnover of flower beds to cool weather plants. 

#8 – Inspect Outdoor Lighting

In the winter, a lot of employees/customers are entering and exiting your building in the dark. Inspect all parking lot, parking garage, walkway, and exterior lights and replace them as needed. 

#9 – Inspect Your Roof

Before snow and ice cover it, schedule a roof inspection to fix any leaks or disrepair. For flat roofs, remove any leaves or debris and pressure wash if necessary. 

#10 – Check Window & Door Seals

Drafty doors and windows are a major source of energy loss. Check seals and weather stripping, and caulk or replace them as needed. 

#11 – Schedule A Locksmith Inspection

Have your commercial locksmith inspect all physical locks and hardware, exit bars, and other locking components. If you use digital locks, have your locksmith test all access components, check the software for updates, and calibrate any biometric devices as needed. 

#12 Check For Pests

Critters like to find their way inside as the temperature drops. Check the exterior of your facility and seal any entry points, and schedule a pest company to check for infestations inside. 

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